Barak Obama Inauguration 2013

Today Barak Obama symbolically seals his triumvirate with King and Lincoln, publicly placing his hand on both their bibles – embodying their visions on MLK’s birthday and 150 years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. His heroic predecessors have been Obama’s inspiration as he deftly navigated his own iconic journey amidst naive idealism, frustrated expectations and ignorant and determined confrontation.

I was awed and humbled to have been in Washington at this time, four years ago in 2009. And I am glad this, yet another historic day, has come. Obama has outsmarted adversarial foe and championed on to prove himself a two-term president. Now he firmly grips the baton to move our human race FORWARD: to put his pragmatic, steel-eyed, indelible brand on the mission to unite our ununited state of inequality.

Wishing @BarakObama a glorious day and a continued success and four more empowering years!!

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