Dali Dare

I adore the work of the Spanish painter, Salvador Dalí…He loved “everything that is gilded and excessive.” All artists must be free I believe, we (dare I say) must to put aside convention and dare to dig deeper into ourselves and our human existence to find truths.

Lion And Eagle

Griffin, a mysterious creature — having the body, size and weight of a lion with an addition of wings and face of an eagle — is not just strange because of its appearance but also because it remains strangely elusive and does not crop up very often in as many legends as other mythical creatures. …

Barak Obama Inauguration 2013

Today Barak Obama symbolically seals his triumvirate with King and Lincoln, publicly placing his hand on both their bibles – embodying their visions on MLK’s birthday and 150 years after Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. His heroic predecessors have been Obama’s inspiration as he deftly navigated his own iconic journey amidst naive idealism, frustrated expectations and ignorant …

Gran’s Wedding

After 50 years of a beautiful and bliss-filled marriage to my late grandfather – my dear blessed gran remarried in 2002 at 82 years young. My friends love to revel in the tale and I love to tell it, over and over again. Proof, there’s hope for so many yet. Love.