Gran’s Dedication

My beautiful grandmother died today at 82 – May 19, 1920 – July 7, 2012.

I dedicate all of my work on The Jamaica Land We Love GALA in memory of my late grandmother, Olga May Thompson-Stewart-Hanson. In fact, I dedicate it to all Jamaican Grand-Mothers as we are all too familiar with the importance of their care. Mine was my hero, my champion, always consistently steps ahead, planning, plotting, persistently scheming toward my best. What a privilege to honor her on this occasion by employing all I have learnt for my land of birth; not only from her examples, her learned and even more brilliant unlearnedness, but also from all she caused through others, having steered me here. She is indelible, stoic and strong, the grandmaster among my mentors: by all of whom, I am the grateful amalgam, the bliss-filled harmony, the blessed out of many, one. It is sweetly symbolic and ironic that Gran gained her purest independence on this milestone of Jamaica’s 50th. And so I am humbled with the opportunity to offer her this thanks. I am forever in your debt, my sweet, selfless, lady Gran. This one is for you.

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