Statement of Purpose

I participated in several workshop led by Dr. Lise Janelle, founder of the Centre For Heart Living –“dedicated to empowering people by reconnecting them with their highest values. Our ultimate goal is to guide our clients to reconnect with their heart so they experience gratitude for their life, healing and true success.”

Dr Lise Janelle DC, is a life transformation coach. For the past two decades she has helped thousands around the world make quantum leaps in their growth with her powerful seminars and leading-edge techniques. Her clients range from, executives, entrepreneurs, artists, youths, moms, Olympic athletes and celebrities.

The goal at the end of one of these classes was to develop a Statement of Purpose – the Mission Stament – for your life. The terms you agree to under which you’ll conduct your life going forward. This, of course, can evolve as you grow. But, as in in business, the idea is to adhere to the original course of vision.

“I Len D. Henry, hereby declare before myself, others and God that my primary purpose in life is to live in love – love of self and of all others. To do so I produce. I facilitate the combustion of creative forces to come together to elicit and/or inspire love, peace and joy. Be it with professionals in print or electronic media, or souls platonic or romantic, I am an open facilitator – a vessel – for the perfect and purposeful expansion of us – all sentient beings. And by doing so, I enjoy the privilege of journey with all my brothers and sisters into the varied textures of cultures and subcultures – beauty-filled, constantly evolving, verbal or silent discourse with whoever or whatever informs our collective lives. I surrender to life’s perfection – to its harmonious ebb and flow.

And for this, I am consistently rewarded with the heightened frequency of success. I am a fortified, trusting and visionary genius – spiritually and financially wealthy, healthy and wise. I share, respect and love unconditionally with my lover, as I do with my family and friends. And so I thrive, in constant gratitude, from the fertility of these joys that are my life.”

~ Len D. Henry
photo: Adam John


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