4 | Come Together

A quick vid from the audience – posted on YouTube – another beautiful Civello @ Aveda Congress escapade was developed to fit into the Aveda Congress’ overall theme of “Pow Wow” – a gathering of peoples/tribes/cultures from all corners, coming together as one.

It was titled “4” to reflect on the First Nations lore that we are of four spirits; east, west, north and south – or alternatively: red, yellow, white and black. With this as our foundation and inspiration, we told the story of how these four peoples, who co-existed harmoniously in the beginning, came ultimately to find that we are indeed much better as one.

The gift of this show was that we had a massive screen for stellar graphics created by the brilliant Travis North. The images were amazing, challenging the audience, many a times to separate the real form the surreal.

Brilliant and beautiful, and thankfully, tech-glitch-free. We received a standing ovation. It’s always good when it works.