Inequality Deep in the Hearts of Men

Just goes to show you what is ‘deep in the hearts of men’. I am not naive. I’ve been at this game called life for minute. I’ve seen racism and the reverse of it, objectification, exoticism, condemnation and superiority in all shades and ilk defended with a myriad of lame excuses over my years. I know that the height of hate can thrive to the core of the very people who ‘smile in your face’ everyday.

But how do you can make millions off a huge sport and industry where the players, the engine, the guts and the glory, are at least 75% Black, for 30 years, and not find any kind of appreciation or respect for those who are vital to your success? Never mind those who have astutely advanced their game to become your colleagues in ownership and management. Spike Lee calls it ‘slave mentality’. How do you think yourself superior to heroes like Magic Johnson whose athletic prowess, elegance and inner strength, both helped make the game and uplift humanity? Where is your respect? Clearly, all of Sterling’s wealth is not enough to find him peace. The man is weak, evil and envious!

In 2009, having made his fortune in real estate, he paid $2.7 million to settle a case brought by the US Justice Department which accused him of discrimination against black and Hispanic people. And again, years later, his behavior, sense of superiority and hate proves chronic and impermeable. How ironic that’s it’s his verbal tirade earlier this month with his Black/Mexican lover, who may deviously be using her striking beauty to get what she wants, that publicizes and brings down this clown’s ego in shame. One can only hope. I don’t care how rich you are, you are simply, at the end of the day, human like everyone else. We are all the same flesh and blood, and you must be humble. No one is bigger than the sandbox. No one. The divine laws have a way of always leveling the playing field. So rant all you want.

Here’s a little snippet of his recorded ‘alleged’ tirade…”I’ve known (Magic Johnson) well, and he should be admired. … I’m just saying that it’s too bad you can’t admire him privately. Admire him, bring him here, feed him, fuck him, but don’t put (Magic) on an Instagram for the world to have to see so they have to call me. And don’t bring him to my games.” He also ‘allegedly’ said “Don’t bring black people to my games’. Are you kidding me!? Since when does he own all of basketball? And should Black people not support a sport where the majority looks like us? And where’s his respect for her? When will everyone come to the realization that we are all one and the same? You’re born, you live and you die. Enough ‘us’ on top and ‘them’ the underling!

It’s unclear whether or not he could or should be ordered to sell the Clippers. He bought the team for $12 million ’81 and it’s now worth $575 million. He may walk away smiling with a tidy profit. If the sponsors continue to walk away, the players and fans will ultimately lose. They’re advocating fan boycotts, etc. but he must be ousted from the league at once. A lifetime suspension from the league is the only option for this affront, audacity and atrocity. There is no other reasonable option. Ideally it should be that he couldn’t own the team, would have to sell and it would be the buyer’s advantage. Wouldn’t that be a sweet sobering retribution. We’ll see what develops at 2. Argh!

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